Product Description

Our Mineral Shimmer Powder Nine Stacks are multi-purpose color pigments. They come in an endless array of colors and can be used for many cosmetic applications. The Innovative stack design consists of nine fabulous shimmers "stacked" together.

Nine single square pots – 15.75g.

The Bella 9 stack includes:
• Sp001 Snowflake – white with icy shimmer
• Sp003 Champagne – natural with icy shimmer
• Sp005 Earth – soft peach with gold shimmer
• Sp007 Harmony – rusty brown
• Sp009 Bronze – golden bronze
• Sp017 Celebration – golden copper
• Sp018 Cinnabar – shimmery red
• Sp020 Noir – matte solid black
• Sp050 Java – brown red with ultra shimmer

The Pandara 9 stack includes:
• Sp030 Reluctance – golden olive green
• Sp037 Oblivious – shimmery gold
• Sp043 Whesek – shiny dark silver
• Sp055 Diligence – sparkly brown-bronze
• Sp056 Cadence – ultra light black-green
• Sp061 Beige – light peach with pink pearl
• Sp070 Cocoa – sparkly mid-tone brown
• Sp079 Antiqa – light ashy brown
• Sp084 Stary Night – shiny dark blue


Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron oxides
May contain: Carmine.


Use any of the BELLA PIERRE SHIMMER POWDERS as eye shadow. Simply use a sponge applicator or brush and lightly touch it to the desired colour, then apply it to your eyelid. Choose a lighter colour as a highlighter to apply above. For a matte finish use with Bellapierre Make Up Base.
For a more dramatic look, use a damp applicator.
Use a blush brush and lightly touch the tip into the desired colour and apply along the cheekbone. For a more dramatic and matte look, apply with a damp makeup sponge.
Use a thin eyeliner brush, dampen and lightly touch it to the desired colour. Apply under your lower eyelashes and /or over your upper eyelashes.
first apply BELLAPIERRE Clear Lipstick Base. Then, using a lip brush, dip it into the desired colour and apply to the lips.
using clear nail polish, dip brush into the polish, then into the desired colour powder, and paint on nails. Polish may also be mixed in a separate container for larger batches. Do the above with existing coloured nail polish to change its shade.
Using BellaPierre Clear or Black Mascara Dip Mascara Brush into the desired colour and paint on eyelashes.
Apply a dab of your favorite lotion (or even suntan lotion) in the palm of your hand. Mix a small amount your own colours in with the lotion. Rub on exposed areas.

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